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Caren Altay Co

Caren Altay Co. is aprivately held company based in Iran with registeredNo. 470053.Established in 2012, in Tehran, This private joint stock company entered the contracting business with major focus on construction and, in 2014, by investing in sandwich panel industry in Turkey, began manufacturing standard sandwich panel and importing sandwich panel from Turkish manufacturer, Arma Panel Co. Ltd.

Simultaneously to manufacturing and importing sandwich panel, Caren Altay Co. is one of the pioneers in the design and manufacturing prefabricated structures in the country, and, in less than no time, has succeed to exercise the latest European designs in manufacturing prefabricated structures and gain a large market share.

Caren Altay surely can be considered as one of the best companies in Iran in prefabricated structure design and implementation. The company constantly progress, thanks to its productive resume and fully satisfied customers.

The only company is guaranteed for the
Production of sandwich panels and light structures

Sandwich panel is a type of prefabricated roof or partition wall, made of an insulated layer inserted in between two sheets.Sheets may be of different materials...

Sandwich panels

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